Pensacola Civic Band Gives Donation

Pearl Harbor Initiative Receives Donation for Civic Band

Pensacola Civic BandThe Pensacola Civic Band performed several concerts in October to benefit the Pearl Harbor Honor Flight Initiative. Directed by Don Snowden, the patriotic performances included a presentation by Pearl Harbor Survivor, Frank Emond during the band’s performance of “At Dawn We Slept”. Holly Shelton, our founder, also sang. Before the show ended, Frank Emond got to direct the band as well. The performance took place in the Ashmore Auditorium at Pensacola State College to a sold out audience. Lots of attending¬†veterans from all the military branches were recognized during the evening.

Pensacola Civic BandPensacola Civic Band
Pensacola Civic Band
Pensacola Civic Band Pearl Harbor Initiative

Pensacola Civic Band Makes Presentation to Pearl Harbor Initiative

Director Don Snowden and Bob Horick from the band present a $1700.00 check to Pearl Harbor Initiative founder, Holly Shelton and co-organizer, LtCol Bill Phillips.

Pearl Harbor Initiative Thanks Pensacola Civic Band

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