Pearl Harbor Survivors Honored

World War II Rembrance

Pensacola Honors World War II Heroes.

Hundreds of patriots crowded into the atrium at the National Naval Air Museum on Friday, December 7th to pay their respects to Pensacola’s World War II survivors. Eight of our Pearl Harbor Survivors were among the heroes of that great conflict who were present.

George Mills, Bill Braddock, Frank Emond, Jacob Gallawa, Jay Carraway, Jim Landis, Dale Hendricks, Cass Phillips, as well as widows Angie Engel, Dottie Graziani and Mary Ann Glaeser waved and smiled when introduced.

“I’ve been coming to this memorial program for 19 years, first with my husband Fred and after his death, in his honor. This year’s presentation was the best ever,” said Mary Ann.

Tate High School’s Jazz Corale and Band provided 1940’s entertainment as MC CDR Robert Pisz led us down memory lane featuring photographs of local heroes and their families. Dr. Sydney Phillips, local author, and World War II hero gave the keynote address.

 Pensacola Honors our Pearl Harbor Survivors

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