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Pearl Harbor Honor Flight

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight Returning to Pensacola Saturday

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight veterans and support team will be arriving in Pensacola on Saturday morning, Dec 10 at 10:00 AM on American Airlines. Our heroes have had quite an exciting and emotional experience. They noticed quite a few things that have changed in the last seventy years – especially all the lights up on the hillside at night. Many of the current 1.2 million people who call Oahu home live near Honolulu; all that area used to be fields. The roads have improved and my, the traffic has increased.

They visited the locations near where they were on the morning of December 7, 1941. Some places had really changed, but other buildings were exactly the same as they were that day. Marine Bill Braddock, looked and looked for the flag pole near the Marine barracks. He knew when he found that he would get his bearings. Sure enough, when he found it, his face lit up. Then he found the barracks and the chow hall where he and his buddies were eating breakfast that day. He was transformed into the nineteen year old of 1941. Memories of a place he never thought he’d see again were fresh in his mind.

We will continue to add more information to this website; but for now, it is time to pack to head back to Pensacola. We look forward to meeting our well wishers when we return on Saturday morning.

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight – the right thing to do!

Pearl Harbor Survivors, Chapter 138 wish to thank all the people who have made this historic experience possible. Just because we’re coming home, the initiative is not finished. We learned so much on this trip, we are excited to share it with everyone.

Pearl Harbor honor flight expresses sincere appreciation to our supporters.

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