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Welcome to Pearl Harbor Honor Flight. This coming December 7th will be the 70th anniversary of the “Day of Infamy” – of the  Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor which brought the US into World War II. The brave men and women who survived the attack and began the long fight back to ultimate victory for US Forces are now an average of 90 years of age.  Certainly, this December 7th will be the final opportunity for these national heroes to gather at a major remembrance ceremony at Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight
The Pensacola Chapter #138 of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Inc. (also known as Florida Chapter 9, Pensacola or Gulf Breeze) includes former Navy, Marine, Army Air Corp and other service personnel who were present and on duty during the attack, and a Navy wife who, with her infant son in her arms, saw the Japanese planes attacking and had to run to shelter.

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight

The Pearl Harbor Initiative seeks to take as many Pensacola Area Survivors as possible back to Pearl Harbor for “One Last Goodbye” – one last Farewell to their comrades who fell in the attack, one last opportunity to personally participate in our nation’s commemoration of one of the defining events in US history.

The Pearl Harbor Honor Flight initiative seeks also, through publicity for the initiative and through personal appearances and speaking engagements, to re-acquaint as many persons as possible, in the Pensacola area and throughout the nation, with our World War II heroes – before it is too late. The initiative will educate countless young people about the history of the Pearl Harbor attack, about our Nation’s struggle and victory in World War II, and about the priceless heritage given to us by the Pearl Harbor Survivors. We hope this will inspire renewed patriotism, respect for all our veterans, and interest in the upcoming 70th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

 Pearl Harbor Honor Flight provides “one last goodbye.”

This initiative is a unique, one-time effort which seeks broad based community support from patriotic organizations and individuals in the Pensacola area.  Donations and contributions in kind are needed to transport Pearl Harbor Survivors, their Guardians, and in some cases, their spouses or caregivers to Honolulu, Hawaii, house them for five days, provide for meals and local transportation, and return them to the Pensacola area.

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight wishes to thank

True to the Red White and Blue USA a 501 (c)(3), non-profit organization for their valuable assistance with publicity and fund raising for this project.

Visit Heroes Stories to learn about these deserving veterans. Would you like to help in the efforts of Pearl Harbor Honor Flight?

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