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The Pearl Harbor Initiative seeks to take as many Pensacola Area Survivors as possible back to Pearl Harbor for “One Last Goodbye” – one last Farewell to their comrades who fell in the attack, one last opportunity to personally participate in our nation’s commemoration of one of the defining events in US history.

The initiative will educate countless young people about the history of the Pearl Harbor attack, about our Nation’s struggle and victory in World War II, and about the priceless heritage given to us by the Pearl Harbor Survivors. We hope this will inspire renewed patriotism, respect for all our veterans, and interest in the upcoming 70th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight Initiative

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight is not affiliated with the National Honor Flight Network. Holly Shelton, founder, and Bill Phillips, co-organizer, met when training as alternate guardians for the final Emerald Coast Honor Flight. The Emerald Coast Honor Flight, which has completed its mission and disbanded was an inspiration to us.

Your financial support will help us pay for hotel rooms, meals and a charter bus for the survivors and their caretakers. Please be a part of history, it’s the right thing to do.

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight | Pearl Harbor Initiative needs Your Donation Today

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight

Pearl Harbor Honor Flight | Pearl Harbor Initiative Thanks You For Making This Trip Possible

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