Documentary Airs at Zelica Grotto Hall

Many thanks to the members of Zelica Grotto for sponsoring a spaghetti dinner and airing of our documentary, “Pearl Harbor, One Last Goodbye” on January 17, 2013. Over 225 members, families and friends arrived with an appetite for spaghetti and history. They were satisfied with both.

After dinner, three of our Pearl Harbor survivors, Jim Landis, Bill Braddock and Cass Phillips, were introduced. The noticeable absence of our survivor, Frank Emond, was forgiven when it was learned that he had gotten married the night before!

Liz Watkins, producer of the documentary introduced the video and presented a memorial dedication to our recently departed Pearl Harbor survivor and trip instigator, George F. Mills. We love and miss him. All of our affiliations would not exist if not for his idea to return to Pearl Harbor for “One Last Goodbye.”

Pearl Harbor Survivors Honored

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